Monday, September 3, 2012

In Which There Are Writing Woes

After a few weeks of plugging along here and there, I finally finished editing the first four scenes of my historical romance, "Coming Home".

But then Scrivener (the editing/formatting program I prefer) decided to EAT IT ALL. That is a month (and most especially the last two days) worth of work - GONE.

 NOT HAPPY! Thankfully, I did print out the entire hot ass mess of a manuscript, and had already inked it all up; but I had also added a bunch of descriptions that I had just skipped over before.
I cannot get this information back :(


So, to calm down, I decided to irritate my neighbors by practicing my harmonica.

. I am horrible, but determined to play this instrument. I can almost get through Moon River and Blowin' in the Wind. 

But then, I discovered a package of frozen leeks in my freezer. Just after that, I looked on top of the fridge, finding potatoes and an onion.

Guess who is making Potato Leek Soup this week?!

BACK YOUR WORK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This has been a post.

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